ABP-051, a next-generation device for arterial pressure normalization

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How it works?

Effective and safe way to normalize arterial pressure which has a permanent positive effect after the first course of procedures.

  • Normal pressure

    Normalizes arterial pressure
    depending on the
    chosen programme.

  • Less drugs

    Helps to reduce
    the number
    of taken drugs.

  • Comfortable life

    General well-being
    and mood improve after series of procedures.

  • Weather effects

    Reduces dependence
    on sharp weather changes.


Hypertension is dangerous
because of complications.
High pressure destroys the whole organism.


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    Memory impairment, clouded sensorium, deterioration of sleep, risk of ischaemic stroke or cerebral hemorrhage.

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    Heart rhythm disorders, risk of ischaemic heart disease leading to infarction, heart failure.

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    Kidneys are dangerously affected by high pressure as well as by sharp decrease in arterial pressure.

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    Sclerosis of small and then of large vessels, increased risk of hemorrhage.

Hypertension —
diagnosis for the whole life

  • №1
    in the world among
    mortality reasons
    is cardiovascular disease
  • 9.4
    million of deaths
    every year caused
    by hypertension complications
  • 45%
    of the world population
    older than 25 years
    suffer from
    increased arterial pressure
(according to the WHO data for 2013).

Hypotony may cause ill - being
and fatigue, and prevent from
leading a normal life:

  • Fatigue
    and drowsiness;

  • Dizziness
    and headaches;

  • Irritation
    and liability to depressions;

  • Blackout
    and syncope;

Help is always near.

Electric stimulation with the device helps to normalize the tonus of vessel walls and has positive general influence on physiological systems.


The device is designed for arterial pressure normalization achieved through vessel tonus normalization and strengthening the body defenses.

It can be used at home and at medical institutions as a monotherapy as well as a part of a complex treatment.

Treatment zones

Built-in electrodes influence on biologically active wrist zones.

Zone МС6
Zone TE5
zone for
zone for

Methodology of treatment action with АВР-051

Electric stimulation is performed with weak current at the sensitivity threshold.

The device uses programmes which differ in frequencies (from 9 to 140 Hz), duration and amplitude.

Excessive sympathicotonia leads to hypertension, and insufficient influence of the sympathetic nervous system on vessel tonus causes hypotony. A selected programme can either reduce excessive sympathicotonia or increase insufficient influence of the sympathetic nervous system on vessel tonus.


  • Normalization of blood pressure;
  • Improved general well-being;
  • Improved emotional state;
  • Increased working capacity;
  • Reduced pharmacological load.

Programme 1


МС-6 is a zone for decrease in arterial pressure. It is located on the inner part of the left forearm.

The zone stimulation has significant sedative effect on the cardiovascular system. Stimulation with the device is safe and helps to normalize the vessel wall tonus, to dilate capillaries, and to improve hemodynamics in the system of skin microcirculation.

Remove watches and bracelets from your left hand, fold up the sleeve, put on the device and press the button with three raised up points on it. It is important to be sitting or lying and relax during the treatment. After the treatment, the device produces a sound signal and is switched off automatically. Have a rest for 20 minutes. It is recommended to have 1-3 sessions per day during 14 days.

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Programme № 2


Zone TE-5 is treated for arterial pressure increase. It is located on the outer surface of the left forearm.

Treatment of TE-5 zone has a stabilizing effect on vascular tone under atmospheric pressure fluctuations and has mild toning effect. Stimulation with the device is safe and helps to normalize the vessel wall tonus, to dilate capillaries, and to improve hemodynamics in the system of skin microcirculation.

Remove watches and bracelets from your left hand, fold up the sleeve, put on the device and press the button with three raised up points on it. It is important to be sitting or lying and relax during the treatment. After the treatment, the device produces a sound signal and is switched off automatically. Have a rest for 20 minutes. It is recommended to have 1-3 sessions per day during 14 days.

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  • Persistently high arterial pressure in patients with hypertension – as an addition to complex treatment with drugs;
  • Episodic increase in arterial pressure in case of stress, weather changes, etc., in patients with labile arterial hypertension;
  • Decreased arterial pressure in patients with hypotony - as an addition to complex treatment with drugs.

Contraindications exist. Please read the instruction
or visit a specialist before using the device.


Authorization documentation

Specialists recommend:

Aleksey Mikhaylovich VASILENKO
Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation,
Doctor of Medical Sciences,

Arterial pressure normalization with electric stimulation is an advanced hardware and software development of reflex therapy.
The device produces impulses whose form is similar to the action potential impulses discovered by Nobel Prize winners A.Hodgkin and E.Huxley. Neurons of living creatures, including human beings, exchange with action potential impulses. So it is physiologically reasonable. That is why feelings during the procedure are soft and pleasant.
In most cases, positive dynamics is observed straight after the first course of procedures. Elder patients may sometimes need to have more procedures because of the low level of adaptation.
Simple rules of healthy lifestyle: balanced regime of work and rest, normalization of sleep and АВР-051 usage will help you to always stay in a good mood and feel well. This device is for those who care about their life quality!

Irina Mikhaylovna CHERNYSH
Doctor of Medical Sciences, leading research worker
of the laboratory for development and implementation of new non-pharmaceutical
treatment of the First I.M.Sechenov Moscow State Medical University

АВР-051 is the best device among the existing analogues of transcutaneous electric stimulators for arterial pressure reduction.
I have extensive personal experience in working with patients and it has proved full capability of the programmes specified by their authors. High effectiveness of the device is observed when treating patients with mild hypertension (1 stage hypertension).
Statistics proves effectiveness of the device usage together with pharmaceutical treatment for normalization of moderate hypertension (2 stage hypertension with affected target organs).
Standard therapy together with usage of ABP-051 led to higher positive dynamics of arterial pressure parameters, bigger volume of work on the stationary bicycle, and better index of the left ventricle production. Less prominent changes of these parameters were observed in the control group.
Programme for pressure increase in patients with hypotony is used for the first time. It is valuable because it has no analogues.
In conclusion it should be mentioned that the device is valuable for both professionals and ordinary users. The device is recommended to be widely used in clinical practice.


Yelena Semyonovna, 57

I am an “experienced” hypertensive patient. For many years I have started my days with taking pills. Only ABP-051 helped me to prevent pressure jumps in the morning and to reduce the number of drugs.

Svetlana Kazakova, 46

This is not magic. Physiotherapy includes every day procedures. I use АВР-051 every day, and I managed to normalize my pressure after two full series of procedures and hold control over it. No drugs that I had taken before managed to do this. Thanks for the developers!

Mikhail, 42

For many years I have been suffering from weakness and dizziness, especially after sharp weather changes. Recently I have found out that it is caused by low pressure. I have been looking for solutions for a long time. In summer I bought this device, and now I start my day with procedures. Now I feel excellent.

Margarita Anatolyevna Luzhina, 55

I have tried millions of drugs during the 10 years of my hypertension. My son gave me this device as a present for my birthday. I didn’t believe it at first. But now I never leave it, I always take it with myself, as well as a tonometer, in my bag. It is my best friend! My pressure is not 120/80 yet though. But now I have pressure parameters that are not scaring to live with.

Yelena Fyodorova, 35

Many thanks for those who invented this magic device! I am 35, and I have already experienced all “joys” of pressure problems. I have hypotony. It seems to be not as bad as hypertension, but any physical load was challenging for me. Now I use this device and I have forgotten about feeling bad. This is not about me!

Yekaterina Vladimirovna Bayanova, 69

The device helped me to prevent pressure fluctuations during the day. In the morning my pressure used to jump up to 200, and in the evening, after taking hypotensive drugs, it could go down to even 110. The effect was observed after the first procedure, and I decided that I would use it. Now I have no pressure fluctuations. Moreover, the pressure is normal, and I can be caring for my grandchildren all day long.

The new-generation device for arterial pressure normalization ABP-051(INFERUM)

220 EUR
+ cost of delivery

Frequently asked questions:

What contraindications does АВР-051 have?

Absolute contraindications:

  • Implanted pacemakers;
  • Individual intolerance to the electric current;
  • Patients younger than 14.

Relative contraindications:

  • Epileptic status;
  • Neoplasms of any etiology and localization;
  • Acute fever heat of unknown etiology;
  • Acute psychic, alcoholic or narcotic excitement;
  • Ciliary arrhythmia;
  • Myocardial infarction.
How does АВР-051 influence on the vessel tonus?

Pharmaceutical methods of vessel tonus normalization play significant role in arterial pressure normalization. Non-pharmaceutical regulation of the vessel tonus can be the first stage of arterial pressure normalization, helps to prevent hypertension progression and reduce the risk of complicated cardiac-vascular diseases associated with high or low arterial pressure.

Usage of АВР-051 leads to reflex alterations of the vessel tonus and causes healthcare reactions on several levels: local, segmental and general. Local reaction is observed through alterations of metabolism in skin areas under the electrodes.

Segmental reaction is developed on the marrow level. When skin areas are stimulated, the excitement is spread along the nerve fibers; it is transformed on the marrow level and is transferred to vessels, organs and tissues. The regional blood flow is normalized.

The general reaction occurs in corticosubcortical formations of the central nervous system through the reticular formation. It influences the neurohumoral and hormonal systems which regulate the vessel tonus, normalize arterial pressure and microcirculation. It happens due to normalization of the vegetative homeostasis (normalization of sympathetic and parasympathetic activity, central regulation).

General reactions provide persistence of the obtained results and are the basis for procedures with АВР-051.

How quickly is the effect (pressure decrease) achieved? How frequently should the courses be repeated or how frequently should the device be used per day?

As we have always said and wrote, each patient will have an individual reaction to procedures, and it means that effectiveness will differ as well. However the following aspects should be considered:

1. The following categories of people need to undergo durable series of procedures and/or to stop the influence of factors leading to pressure increase:

people dealing with urgent situations, noise, vibrations, night-time work, increased attention, hard intellectual work, repeated stressful situations, negative emotions; in case of heavy consumption of salt — it is known that excessive daily amount of salt of more than 15 g (3 teaspoons), leads to fluid retention, increases load on the heart, causes spasm of the peripheric arterial vessels; men older than 40, and women older than 50 – more frequently suffer from atherosclerotic vascular disease, although risks for younger people are not less if they have bad habits;
Patients with chronic kidney diseases, diabetes, thyroid disorders, infectious processes; Toxic effect of nicotine is observed in smoking people; Alcohol drinkers;
People whose relatives suffer from hypertension and have had myocardial infarction, or blood stroke.

For these people, arterial pressure may remain on the same level after the first procedure or a series of procedures with AВР-051. It is recommended to repeat courses every month (for example, from 1st to 14th day of each month). In severe cases, the device should be used every day to maintain arterial pressure on the best level.

According to statistics, persistently high pressure is observed in 9% of 20-30 year old men, 35% of those older than 40 years, and half of all men older than 60 years. It has been observed that hypertension in men depends on their height. It turns out that for men with the height of 162 cm and over 180 cm, the risk of hypertension is twice higher.

Women are less liable to hypertension because they are protected by reproductive hormones. However, in the climacteric period, the number of women with hypertension is equal to the number of men with this disease.

All factors causing atherosclerosis development (hypernutrition, overweight, insufficient physical load) lead to hypertension as well.

2. In case of clear manifestation of hypertension, it is needed to normalize the work of affected organs. Regular durable course treatment with АВР-051 helps to reduce the pharmaceutical load.

Clinical manifestation of hypertension:

Hypertension symptoms can be divided in 3 variants of the disease progression where certain organs are affected:

Affected brain —non-persistent headaches in the nape area, throbbing pain associated with the feeling of heaviness in the head, noise, sleeping problems, dizziness, nausea, hand trembling – these manifestations occur at the early stages of the disease;
Affected heart — heart beating, shortness of breath firstly in the process of walking, and then at rest, dull pain in heart, numbness of arms and legs, puffiness of wrists and feet;
Affected kidneys — puffiness of eyelids and face, lumbar pain, nausea, urethralgia, fluid retention;
Vision problems manifested through blinking flashes of light, points, reduced visual acuity, hemorrhage in sclerae and retina – all these are signs of significant vessel spasm.

When these complaints are observed for the first time, it is strongly recommended to undergo an examination in order to find the cause of the arterial pressure increase and get prescriptions for the basis therapy. In case of systemic diseases, when high pressure has been existing for many years and is associated with internal organ diseases (kidneys, thyroid, renal glands, severe vasosclerosis and other causes), the device should be used for a series of procedures in order to normalize the vessel tonus regulation. It leads to decrease in arterial pressure, improvement of the overall feeling and reduction of the pharmaceutical load.

3. The device has the quickest effect (even after the first procedure) on people with preserved mechanism of normal self-regulation of the vessel tonus, whose arterial pressure increases from time to time due to stress, emotional or physical overload. Persistent decrease in arterial pressure is observed after a series of procedures. It happens because of changes in the anxiety level and in the index of tension of the sympathetic nervous system.

Pressure went down straight after the first usage of the device, it was normalized and I was feeling better. But I have read in the operation manual that a series of procedures is needed. Can I use the device only once, on those days when my pressure is high?

Modern medicine is focused on maintenance of normal pressure, on prevention of its increase rather than on simple decrease in arterial pressure. So if your pressure decreased after the first procedure, you should not stop waiting for the next jump and deterioration of your state. You should undergo a series of procedures!

Regular and durable series of procedures with АВР-051 helps to control arterial pressure, normalize vessel tonus, reduce the risk of vascular complications. When biologically active zone MC6 is treated with current impulses, it leads to normalization of pathogenetic mechanisms of the impaired vessel tonus.

Series of procedures provides persistent effect on arterial pressure normalization, reduces doses and number of drugs, thus reducing pharmacological load, and improves life quality.

Single use of АВР-051 does not provide persistent response from the vegetative nervous system. It is not enough for stable decrease in arterial pressure for a long period.

My pressure jumped by more than 10 units after the first procedure. Does it mean that the device is not suitable for me?

According to the results of the observations, we have seen several responses after the beginning of procedures (the first 7-9 procedures) when biologically active zone MC6 on the inner part of the forearm was exposed to electrodes. First procedures may lead to the following reactions: arterial pressure normalization, destabilization – when pressure goes up or down, stable state – pressure remains on the initial level.

Each person has an individual reaction. Usually, reaction depends on the initial state of the vegetative nervous system, in what setting procedures are carried out, whether atherosclerosis is observed.

Electrostimulation (even with small power) influences the regulating systems of life activity. And it can be considered as a light stress for the organism caused by external factors. So if the level of adaptation is low, it means that the organism has low capabilities to respond to this exposure, the result after the first treatment may differ from the expected one. The level of possibilities for adaptation can be expressed in figures using the following parameter: total power of the heart rate spectrum when its variability is estimated. There is a technology for estimation developed by professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Bayevsky R.M.. Total spectrum power reflects stamina, which tends to deteriorate in the course of years, especially when organic changes occur in regulatory systems. So if its value is less than 1000 mc2, it means that reaction to external factors may not always be adequate. The standard value should be equal to 2000…3500 mc2.

Series of procedures and absence of severe organic disorders usually helps to increase the spectrum power. That is followed by positive dynamics in arterial pressure regulation. So the results can be judged at least after 14 days of procedures with 1-3 procedures per day. For this, it’s recommended to keep a “Pressure diary”, where pressure results will be recorded every day after each procedure.

In addition, we recommend keeping a diary for 5-7 days BEFORE the device usage in order to understand how pressure values change in the course of day, when it reaches maximum level and at what time. It will help to determine the best number of procedures per day.

If your pressure values were higher after the first procedure, the course should be continued. The device has accumulative effect. And pressure level will be normalized by the end of the course.

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I have undergone several procedures and I see that the pressure changes differently. It may go up or down after procedures. Why does it happen?

Unfortunately, our experience shows that this happens most frequently because of inaccuracies of electronic tonometers. Especially if you use your tonometer on the wrist. They have more inaccuracies than professional tonometers (phonendoscope and ball syringe). It is recommended to repeat measurements in order to get more accurate values.

I take drugs for hypertension. Should I stop taking them if I use the device?
You can stop taking drugs only after physicians’ usages. If you are treated from hypertension, the device is added as a part of the complex treatment. It is recommended to keep an arterial pressure diary. When pressure values go down to or below target values specified by your physician, you can ask your physician whether it is possible to stop taking some drugs or to reduce pharmacological load on the organism.
It is written on the box that the device helps to improve the general well-being. Is it true?
Yes, you are absolutely right. АВР-051 has an overall regulating influence on physiological systems of the organism. Normalization of the vessel wall tonus leads to stabilization of the arterial pressure, improves general well-being, reduces weather sensitivity, and improves working capacity. Course treatment with the device is perfect for prevention of hypertensive crisis and its complications.
I have stage 2 hypertension. But I take drugs and my pressure can go down below the normal level in the course of the day. How should I use the device? Should I change treatment zones?
You were diagnosed with hypertension, so you should use the device only for treatment of МС-6 zone, which is used for decrease in arterial pressure.
Why should I treat only those zones that are indicated in the device certificate: МС-6 and ТЕ-5? Why have these zones been chosen?

Many years of observations have proved the effectiveness of treating these zones. These zones are available for exposure. МС.6 6 – is one of the points/zones of the pericardium meridian. This meridian is also known as the soul meridian or the vascular meridian.

Localization: it is 2 cuns above the radiocarpal line, between the tendons of the long palmar muscle and the radial flexor of the wrist. The point is exposed when the arm is straight (elbow not bent) and the palm is up.

Meridians regulate the tonus of the whole organism, psychoemotional state, heart function, abdominal cavity organs and pelvic organs.

Nei Guan МС.6 —point of the collateral of the Jue-Yin pericardium channel of the hand. External and internal connection with Shao Yang hand channel San Jiao is carried out through this point. That is why this point is effective while treating all three parts of San Jiao: in Shang-Jiao (upper San Jiao — heart and lungs), in Zhong Jiao (medium San Jiao — spleen and stomach) and in Xia-Jiao (lower San Jiao — liver and kidneys).

The meridian regulates the tonus of the whole organism, psychoemotional state, heart function, abdominal cavity organs and pelvic organs.

Wai Guan TR.5 (corresponds to point ТЕ-5 in French classification) — point of the collateral of the Shao-Yang hand channel San-Jiao. External and internal connection with hand pericardium channel Jue Yin is carried out through this point.

Localization: 2 cuns above the radiocarpal line at the dorsum of the wrist, between the radial bone and elbow bone.

Functions:Pericardium — heart sac, it is closely connected with the heart in physiology and pathology. That is why Wai Guan point is effective TR.5 (ТЕ-5) in treatment of some heart diseases and problems with Shen vital spirit which is kept in the heart.

The point is sometimes used against irritation and anger attacks, as well as in case of problems with Jue Yin pericardium channel connected with heart disorders, pain in heart and problems with heart beating.

Conditions for the purchase of the Goods

1. The Goods: ABP-051 a transcutaneous medical device for arterial pressure normalization under technical specifications 9444-005-12342964-2015 (registration certificate for medical device from March 31, 2016 #№РЗН 2016/3776).
2. The Goods usage: MCb is designed for therapeutic noninvasive impact on biologically active wrist zones for decrease in arterial pressure and TE (TR5) for increase in arterial pressure by electric current having different frequencies. Domain of usage - physiotherapy.
3. The Seller provides the quality warranty for the Goods within 12 (twelve) months from the momemt of the Goods sale if other term is not specified in accompanying paper (User’s manual).
4. Non-compliance with recommendations about the Goods operation and maintenance explained in accompanying documentation terminates the warrant addressing malfunctions caused by the Buyer. The Seller shall not be responsible for the Goods drawbacks arose after its transfer to the Buyer in consequences of violation of the rules governing the storage, transportation, demonstration and use of The Goods.
5. The Goods service life is 5 years from production date.
6. The Buyer has the right to eliminate the Goods defects if they arose within the warranty or life cycle period.
7. If the Goods defects were found the Buyer sends the Goods to the Seller at his own expense. The Seller makes the Goods inspection by his own efforts and in his own way.
8. If the Buyer orders the Goods delivery to his location, the Supplier does not take responsibility for terms of delivery by the Carrier.
9. The Goods delivery is not included in the Goods price and it is paid by the Buyer directly to the Carrier.
10. The ownership of the Goods and the risks of loss or the damage to the Goods devolve to the Buyer since the the Goods transfer to the first Carrier.
11. The Buyer has the right to refuse from the Goods anytime before its transfer to the first Carrier and after the Goods transfer- within 7 days.
12. Return of the Goods of the proper quality is possible if its trade dress, consumer properties and also the document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of the specified Goods are preserved. The lack of the specified document does not deprive the Buyer an opportunity to refer to the other proofs of purchase of goods at The Seller.
13. In case of the Buyer’s refusal of the Goods the Seller gives him the amount of money paid by the Buyer for the Goods no later than in 10 days from the date of relevant submission claims by the Buyer.
14. In all other cases which are not specifically governd by the real purchase conditions of the Goods the Parties are guided by the legislation of the Russian Federation governing relations arising from the contract of retail purchase and sale.
15. Producer: OOO “INFERUM”
OGRN 1126612003320 Individual Taxpayer Number (INN) 6612040385/668501001
Current/Postal address: 620100, Russia Ekaterinburg Sibirsky Tract 12 b. 1 of. 206
16. The Seller and the person authorized to accept claims of consumers:
U.E. Mashkova ( individual entrepreneur)
Individual Taxpayer Number (INN) 666002401701 Primary State Registration Number of the Individual Entrepreneur 316965800190252
Current/Postal address: 620100, Russia Ekaterinburg Sibirsky Tract 12 b. 1, 100
Working hours of The Seller: Monday to Friday from 7 a.m to 4 p.m. (Moscow Time)

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